Collaboration with Academia
Over the years, our community has benefited from the voluntary participation of students in various activities. Being in Montreal, the home to four major universities, we visualize great potential among the student community that can further be leveraged.

In that context, the Executive Committee is following a new initiative to expand the agenda by including the student community and provide the platform to represent their ideas and opinions. In essence, to establish a stronger relationship to focus on identifying talents, developing leaders, guiding careers, adding to the general well-being and more.

Towards this initiative, we are in the process of reaching out to various universities located in Montreal to form a student body (consisting of Student Representatives). Following that, we will organize student-oriented events in the months to come.

Executive Committee members 2016

Anindo Chakrabarty

Mayukh Choudhury (Vice-President)

Neelesh Bhattacharya (Secretary, Cultural Secretary)

Niraj Gupta (Treasurer)

Raman Kalla (Assistant Secretary)

Hitesh Ramesh Shaligram (Public Relationship Coordinator).

Supporting Team

Mrs. Ishita Banerjee (Creative Director)

Mrs. Indrani Bhattacharyya (Editor - 'Khoyaai')

Mr. Susil Das (Editorial Board - 'Khoyaai')

Students Representative

  • Shruti Mukherjee
  • Mrinmoy Nath
  • Avishek Paul


Executive Committee – Sharodatshab 2016 planning and progress
11th September 2016

IBAM and Students Joint session
September 1st 2016

Sharodatshab 2016 Committee
27th August, 2016



Membership Information
Membership Fee per Year (January -December)

Single (12 years and Over): 8$

Couple: 15$

Family (two adults with children): 20$

Student: 5$

Collection of membership dues continues. 
All members are requested to fulfill their membership dues at the earliest convenience. If not already, it would be appreciated if you can coordinate with one of the executive committee members to hand over the membership dues.