IBAM E-Magazine: “Khoyaai”

Indian Bengali Association of Montreal's E-Magazine "Khoyaai" is a quarterly journal published in January, April, July and October each year. The very mention of Khoyaai reminds us of Tagore, for it was his place. Khoyaai thus will always remain the not so long stretch of red soil where poetries are destined to happen. “Khoyaai” intends to create the much needed network between readers, writers, poets, photographers and artists. In short, “Khoyaai” is all set to appreciate art in every form.

Khoyaai - 2nd Edition

It's time to celebrate life with the Second Edition of “Khoyaai”.

Firstly, I would like to let you know that "Khoyaai" has been receiving heaps of appreciation from readers who live far from Montreal and the credit goes to every contributor. As explained previously, "Khoyaai" wants to grow with you. Keeping this in mind, there will a new column from the second edition called "Opinion". Please feel free to share your views and we will be happy to carry them forward.

The theme for our second edition is "Cinema"..

You are encouraged to share your memories, stories, poetries, photographs, paintings related to this particular theme. There will be a specific column for children (max 12 years) in each edition as we count on the raw and fresh talent every little genius carries within.

Rules for Submission:
Language: English, Bengali, Hindi, French

Memoir: ( 250 words) It's a real challenge to pen down a true incident within a short space. But that's why we are here for! To accept the challenge! Go ahead and give your best!

Opinion: (150 words).

Stories: (500-1000 words): Let your imagination flow, we are all ears to hear you!

Poetry: You are requested to send up to three poetries so that we can pick up the best of the bests.

Photo: You can send your favorite ones. If you love them, there remains every possibility “Khoyaai” will love them too!

Painting: We look forward to be entertained with your creations.

All write ups should be typed in Times New Roman (Font 12), double spaced with page number. Please provide a suitable title with your write up.While submitting photo, please make sure you don't compromise with the quality.

Every submission must be an original one.

If the editorial board feels a bit of editing is required, they will get in touch with you.

Send your submission latest by 31st December, 2015 to me -
Indrani Bhattacharyya: ruu924@gmail.com

For any question please feel free to reach me.

Will look forward to hear from you.

Regards Indrani Bhattacharyya (Editor - Khoyaai)